Anime Pirate Online

Anime Pirate is a web browser MMORPG suitable for One Piece lover. In Anime Pirate, your dream to see Luffy and his Straw Hat crew live in action on video game will be come true. In this game, you will set to embark a new adventure for hunting One Piece treasure, and be the one and only Pirate King.Anime Pirate will give you more variety of character to pick as your main character. There are six classes to pick; summoner, archer, sword women, warrior, magician, and sniper. Every class gives you different abilities and unique skills that you can use to dispatch your enemies. Every character also has their special skill animation.Anime pirate will also give you tons of original character from its original anime and manga made by Eiichiro Oda.

Start from Luffy and his Straw Hat pirate crew, until their enemies such as Captain Buggy, Alvida, Smoker and Kuro also can be recruited to be part of your crew. Besides that, Anime Pirate storyline is adapting the original One Piece anime and manga. So, as you follow the story, your character also evolves and leveled up

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Panduan cara pengisian Digicash dengan menggunakan Wave-Point

  1. Masuk kedalam website prodigy terlebih dahulu di
  2. Silakan regristrasi di dalam website prodigy.


  1. Setelah itu pilih menu “ Power Up “ di bagian tengah.


  1. Setelah itu akan masuk ke halaman bagian Top Up. Pilih provider dengan menggunakan Wave-Point. Lalu pilih produk nominal Wave-Point yang sudah kalian punya untuk di masukkan ke dalam Digicash. Setelah itu klik “ Top “.


  1. Akan muncul halaman dari Wave-Point. Silakan masukkan Nomer Serial & Nomor Code Wave-Point yang sudah anda punya. Lalu klik Submit..

  1. Selamat pembelian Digicash dengan menggunakan Wave-Point telah sukses.

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