Yitien is set in late Yuan Dynasty China and revolves around the legend of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. These two weapons were forged from two pieces of the mythical Heavy Iron Sword. Each sword contains a scroll inside which holds the key to mastering an ancient, deadly Kung Fu technique.

The names of both weapons are significant. In China, the emperor is called “the Son of Heaven”. The “dragon” in Dragon Sabre refers to an emperor who has gotten out of control, a tyrant. The Heaven Sword’s full name actually translates into Heaven Reliant Sword, which means one who serves heaven, i.e. the emperor. The one who obtains the Dragon Sabre can use it to slay the despot and bring a new ruler to power. However, if the new emperor is also a tyrant, the hero can then take control of the Heaven Sword and depose that emperor as well, taking the throne for him/herself.

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