Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that combines the elements of classic 2D platformer and RPG. In the game, players are able to perform quests, fight monsters and enemies and train and upgrade pets to battle against enemies. The game features delightful graphics, and simple yet impressive gameplay.
Chaos has descended upon Lunaria. Tablets of Power, gifts from the gods to the people, have been stolen and corrupted. An evil energy has permeated the land. It’s up to you to unearth the evil forces behind what’s going on, and put a stop to them.

The game features three classes, each with unique skills and abilities. Swordsmen are built to slice and dice, and excel in close combat. Elementalists conjure magic, bringing devastating barrages from near or afar. Hunters use guns, bombs, and other weaponry to get the job done.

The game has a number of popular features players should already be familiar with, as well as several new mechanics.

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Panduan Pembelian Gold Coin Lunaria Story dengan menggunakan Wave-Point

  1. Silakan Masuk & Login kedalam website R2 Games terlebih dahulu. Di


  1. Setelah kalian login, silakan klik menu “ STORE “ pada sebalah kanan atas .


  1. Setelah kalian klik menu STORE akan muncul halaman baru, silakan pilih game Lunaria Story, pilih server yang kalian mainkan, berapa nominal Gold Coin yang ingin kalian beli. Isikan semuanya dengan lengkap lalu klik tomol “ Checkout “.


  1. Setelah klik tombol “ Checkout ” , kalian akan masuk halaman konfirmasi. Silakan melihat lagi rincian daftar yang kali beli. Setelah yakin dan benar daftar pembelian kalian, silakan klik “ Checkout “.


  1. Akan muncul halaman metode pembayan, silakan pilih “ 5 more choices “  lalu pilih metode pembayaran dengan menggunakan Wave-Point.


  1. Setelah  kalian akan di suruh memasukan email, silakan masukan email kalian. Setelah selesai klik “ Continue “ . akan muncul halaman dari Wave-Point, silakan isikan 20 digit code voucher  lalu klik “ Place order now “ .


  1. Selamat pembelian Gold Coin Lunaria Story telah sukses. ^_^

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